Is it necessary to drive into the “figure” by force?

Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. 31. The feeling of inevitable food 03/08/2022

In order to receive a public service, now, as a rule, you need to open a personal account on the site.

But what about those who cannot be helped by relatives to master the Internet or who simply do not have money to gadgets?

Yuri Korzeev,  Press Secretary  Commissioner for Human Rights in the Volgograd Region:

Digitalization – the process is inevitable, but often creates problems for citizens. Thus, a 55-year-old resident of one of the rural areas of the region, Vasily B, applied to the office of the Volgograd Commissioner for Human Rights. At the employment center, where he wanted to submit a written application to register him as unemployed, they explained that now this institution can only be contacted through the State Services portal. However, the man has neither a computer nor the skills to use it. He even doubted: maybe the officials demand something extra?

No, Federal Law No. 219-FZ of June 28, 2021 actually amended the law of the Russian Federation of April 19, 1991 ­ No. 1032-1 “On employment in the Russian Federation”. Now only an electronic method of interaction between citizens and the employment service is provided. True, this requirement is “softened” by to others: employees of the employment service should help the newly applied to create an entry on the “State Services”.

Yes, the Volga pensioner was helped to register on the digital portal and submit an application. But what to do next? After all, job offers, notifications of appointment or refusal will also come in electronic form! That is, you need a computer. It turns out that in order to register with the employment service, the unemployed must buy a computer, pay for the Internet, and in the village also purchase a router! The costs are clearly disproportionate, given the meager amount of unemployment benefits awarded. By the way, according to expert data, from 20 to 25 million people do not use the Internet in Russia for one reason or another.

It is clear that legislators should give people the right to decide for themselves whether they will use digital tools or traditional “paper” tools. formats. No one is going to slow down progress, and yes, in some cases, online document management is easier and faster. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to forcibly drive everyone into the “digital hostel”, leaving no alternative.

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