In Kyiv allowed the use of frozen assets of Russia

Prime Minister of Ukraine Shmygal allowed the use of frozen Russian assets Kyiv is negotiating with Western countries about the possibility of obtaining frozen assets of Russia to spend them on the restoration of Ukraine, Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said

Denis Shmyhal

Ukraine leads with the USA and others Western partners are negotiating on the possible use of frozen Russian assets to restore the country, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said in an interview with CBS. In a conversation with Shmygal, journalist Margaret Brennan said that there were proposals in the US Congress to send funds to Ukraine from frozen Russian accounts and asked if there were such agreements between Washington and Kyiv.

“We have these negotiations with the United States, with all our partners,” answered the Ukrainian prime minister.

He added that the Ukrainian authorities are currently counting losses and assessing the damage to the country's economy as a whole. “All this should be paid for by Russia”, — said Shmyhal.

He said that Ukraine now needs between $4 billion and $5 billion a month, and Kyiv is in talks with the World Bank, the IMF and the G20. First of all, we are talking about humanitarian aid for the displaced persons in Ukraine, whose number is about 7 million people, the Ukrainian prime minister said.

Earlier, Shmygal said that after the end of hostilities, the restoration of Ukraine in the long term would require $600 billion, UNIAN reported. Such an amount will be needed not only for the restoration of infrastructure, but also for the development of a new economy and the creation of “European institutions”.

At the end of February, a few days after the start of the special operation in Ukraine, the US, Canada and the EU decided to block the assets and reserves of the Russian Central Bank. After that, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov stated that due to Western sanctions, Russia has lost access to almost half of its reserves— $300 billion out of almost $640 billion

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According to him, Western countries are also trying to put pressure on China to limit Russia's access to reserves in yuan, but expressed the hope that this will not happen.

The accounts and property of a number of large Russian businessmen. After that, yachts began to be detained in Europe and property related to them was frozen. Switzerland announced the blocking of assets for $ 8 billion, Italy— for €900 million, France— for €850 million, the Netherlands— for €516 million

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov called “banditry at the international level” arrest of property of Russian businessmen in the West because they were at a meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. According to him, this is “the collapse of private property and private business.”

In early March, Kyiv started talking about the desire to get blocked Russian reserves. As Deputy Minister of Economy of the country Denis Kudin said, Ukraine is discussing with Western partners a mechanism for confiscation of $ 415 billion of reserves of the Central Bank of Russia. According to him, this amount could be used to restore the Ukrainian economy.

In April, Kyiv turned to the G7 countries with a request to provide assistance to Ukraine in the amount of $60 billion, said Oleg Ustenko, economic adviser to the Ukrainian leader. Prior to this, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky stated that the country needs €7 billion every month to continue paying pensions and salaries.

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