In Italy, the property of the architect of the “palace” near Gelendzhik was arrested

Cirillo was suspected of committing tax crimes. According to investigators, he did not declare income in the amount of “tens of millions of euros” between 2013 and 2019. Cirillo claims that he received the funds abroad

Lanfranco Cirillo

In Italy, the property of the businessman and architect Lanfranco Cirillo, who designed the “palace” was arrested. near Gelendzhik, La Stampa and La Repubblica reported.

The property of the architect in the amount of €141 million was arrested as part of the investigation: Cirillo was suspected of committing tax crimes. According to the Italian Financial Guard, the businessman did not declare income in the amount of “tens of millions of euros”; in the period from 2013 to 2019.

Among the seized property— real estate, a helicopter, bank accounts, cash, jewelry, works of art, including paintings by Picasso, Cezanne, Kandinsky, de Chirico, and other luxury items, writes La Repubblica.

< p>Cirillo's lawyers said back in February that the businessman could submit documents and testimonies that would confirm that his income was received outside of Italy and, accordingly, should not have been taxed by it. “I'm surprised that I had to face such a problem after living in Russia for over 20 years,” — Cirillo told Giornale di Brescia. He then noted that he was cooperating with the authorities and would continue to do so until his position “was fully clarified.”

Chirillo rose to prominence in Russia after Reuters reported in 2014 that he was the alleged architect of a resort complex near Gelendzhik. In the same year, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave him Russian citizenship.

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The resort complex in question was called “Putin's Palace” by opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who is now serving a sentence in a penal colony. Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov emphasized that the object had nothing to do with the Kremlin and that it was owned by private individuals. “Nothing that is listed as my property belongs to me or my close relatives and never belonged. Never»,— Putin himself stated.

In January 2021, billionaire Arkady Rotenberg called himself the beneficiary of the complex near Gelendzhik. He stated that he did not immediately say that he owns this complex, because of the “purely human factor.” There was a scandal around the buildings, “insinuations are being written,” although “there is nothing illegal there,” the businessman noted. According to Rotenberg, he plans to build an apart-hotel on this site.

Chirillo confirmed that he was the architect of the complex near Gelendzhik. According to the businessman, he was carrying out a project commissioned by the Moscow company StroyGazConsulting.

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