In Crimea, a teacher of a technical school was arrested because of a video with a Turkish drone

According to the man, he showed students a video of a drone being used against the Russian army “for informational purposes.” As follows from the frames published by telegram channels, it was a video with a song about Bayraktar


A teacher was arrested in Crimea for showing students a video about a drone used against the Russian army, according to the website of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The man was charged with administrative protocols on discrediting the Russian army and publicly displaying Nazi symbols (Articles 20.3 and 20.3 .3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses; the maximum punishment for citizens is a fine of up to 100 thousand rubles and arrest for up to 15 days, respectively).

The court found the man guilty and sent him under arrest for 13 days.

In a video distributed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, a man says that he admits his guilt. According to him, on September 14, he “demonstrated the combat capabilities of a Turkish drone against, presumably, the troops of the Russian Federation.” for “informative purposes”.

The video in question was previously posted by Shot. On it, the teacher, in front of his students, turned on a video with a Ukrainian song dedicated to the Turkish attack drone Bayraktar in the audience. According to the Telegram channel, the man's name is Andrey Belozerov. Previously, he taught Ukrainian language and literature, then he passed the recertification and began to teach Russian, writes Shot.

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