How can a mobilized person suspend his enforcement proceedings?

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Conscription often becomes a problem for Russians whose debts are already taken care of by bailiffs, — a serviceman's income may change dramatically, and deductions from the card will continue to be made in the usual amount. On September 28, the FSSP published clarifications in its official Telegram channel, which will be another good news in the treasury of preferences for the mobilized. What the Freeze Law Says enforcement proceedings and what explanations were given by bailiffs, — in the material

What did the FSSP say about the mobilized debtors? 

The agency published a message on its official Telegram channel stating that in respect of mobilized Russians with debts that have reached the stage of enforcement proceedings, the collection process will be suspended for the period of military service. 

What does the law say about the suspension of enforcement proceedings for military personnel? 

In Art. 40 of the Federal Law “On Enforcement Proceedings” the bailiff has the right to suspend enforcement proceedings in a declarative manner if the debtor is doing military service by conscription. Since earlier it was not necessary to interpret what “by call” means, — In addition to compulsory military service, there was only contract service, which was not subject to this article, the FSSP explained that the rules also apply to Russians who are subject to conscription for military service for mobilization in accordance with the Federal Law “On mobilization training and mobilization in Russian Federation».

What should be done to suspend debt collection?

By law, nothing happens automatically — a debtor called up for military service must write an application to the FSSP with a request to suspend enforcement proceedings, attaching documents confirming the reason. deductions right at the recruiting station — reception points for employees of the compulsory enforcement service will be organized there. 

What to do if you haven't submitted an application to the military registration and enlistment office?

Interaction between the Federal Bailiff Service and the Ministry of Defense on ensuring the rights of mobilized debtors — an exception to the rule: this order was introduced only for the duration of mobilization. Given that the suspension of enforcement proceedings for conscripts — a permanent rule enshrined in the law, there are other ways to contact the bailiff-executor:

Through the Internet reception: 

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