Germany announced a shortage of weapons and the risk of supplies for Kyiv

German Foreign Minister Burbock: stocks of weapons are in short supply, deliveries to Ukraine are “on a thin line” The German army has an “absolute” shortage of weapons, the German industry has allocated special facilities for the production of weapons for Kyiv, Burbock said. She pointed out that it is necessary to ensure the supply of weapons in the autumn period -width: 320px) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >

Annalena Burbock

Arms deliveries from Germany to Ukraine go “on a fine line” due to the shortage of weapons in the stocks of the Bundeswehr, however, it is necessary to ensure the transfer of weapons in the near future, said German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock in an interview with ZDF.

“Unfortunately, the situation in this matter is such that we absolute shortage of own reserves,»,— said the minister.

She acknowledged that from Ukraine's point of view, the supplies should have been sent “yesterday, not today”, but the German authorities have an obligation to think long-term. Under these conditions, the German industry was forced to specifically produce weapons for Ukraine, the head of the Foreign Ministry noted. Burbock is sure that in autumn Ukraine needs to supply additional weapons and be prepared that the armed conflict will not end this year.

In Germany's relations with the Baltic countries, “a lot of porcelain was broken”; (a German idiom meaning significant damage.— RBC), Burbock continued. According to the minister, this situation arose due to the fact that Berlin did not listen to the concerns of states in Eastern Europe regarding the construction of Nord Stream 2.

Germany has long refused to supply lethal weapons to Ukraine, but Berlin has changed policy in connection with Russia's actions, Chancellor Olaf Scholz said. “[Vladimir] Putin leaves us no other choice,” — said the head of the government of Germany. At the same time, Germany could not fulfill all the wishes of the Ukrainian authorities regarding the supply of weapons, Vice Chancellor Robert Habek admitted.

The stocks of the German army were exhausted by mid-April, in connection with which the German authorities turned to arms manufacturers with a request for a level of readiness for the production of weapons specifically for Ukraine. As a result, by August, Germany was sending such rare and unique weapons to Ukraine, which had not even entered the balance of the German army. These weapons required special training for operation, Scholz assured that Berlin was conducting training for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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Among the German weapons delivered to Ukraine— three multiple launch rocket systems Mars II— This is the German version of the American MLRS M270 MLRS. Its shipment was approved by the German authorities in June, and by the beginning of August the Ukrainian military received these weapons.

The Russian authorities criticize the supply of weapons by Western countries to Kyiv. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov considered that these actions “prolong the agony” Ukrainian authorities and prolongs the conflict. The minister also saw signs of a “proxy war” in the supplies; NATO against Russia, warning: “in war as in war.”

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