Gazprom played on the requirements of Siemens and signed a “verdict” to Europe

Analysts point to an unprecedented rise in prices.

The price of gas in Europe has renewed its historical maximum due to the upcoming shutdown of the Nord Stream.

Russian energy expert Boris Martsinkevich said that Gazprom played on the requirements that Siemens presented to it. Namely, the Russian supplier was able to update the historical maximum in fuel prices on the eve of the shutdown of the “Nord Stream” gas pipeline.

Thus, according to Martsinkevich, at the end of August, the price of $3,500 mark. Already on August 29, the price went down to less than 3,000 per thousand cubic meters, but still remains extremely difficult for the modern economy of Europe.

The analyst believes that information about repairs at fields in Norway influenced prices , as well as information about the immediate stop “SP-1”.

According to “Gazprom”, the gas pipeline will be suspended on August 31 for at least three days. The reason is the repair of the last turbine, which is still working for the supply of fuel.

Such a requirement, according to Martsinkevich, was presented by the maintenance equipment company Siemens. According to its terms, the turbine should go for maintenance after 1,000 hours of uninterrupted operation.

“If the inspection does not reveal any serious defects, it will continue to work,” the expert explained.

He believes that the company simply took advantage of the terms of the contract, so there can be no talk of any political will from Moscow.

It is known that now “SP-1” operates at 20% capacity and remains the only pipeline delivering directly to Germany. Other channels, including the GTS (Poland) and Ukraine, either work in reverse or with restrictions.

Speaking on the YouTube channel of Radio Aurora, Martsinkevich joked that Siemens could send “a serious specialist' #8221; Olaf Scholz. True, in the event that the German chancellor is not at that moment somewhere in Qatar or Canada.

«Siemens… I was looking for LNG there – there is none in Canada, but Scholz came to look, ”the analyst quipped.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that according to the Finnish YLE, the Russian supplier began to burn fuel that is not in demand by suppliers . And the British edition of the Daily Express reports that Russia could deal a death blow to the EU on September 2.


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