FSB general suggested the participation of the British MI6 in the “cover-up” of the murder of Dugina

“The British act in the Baltics as if they were on their own territory”

The fact that Ukrainian citizen Natalia Vovk fled across the Estonian border after the murder of Darya Dugina speaks of the involvement of the SBU in this operation Estonian and British intelligence agencies. This is the opinion of the historian of special services, doctor of historical sciences, professor, retired lieutenant general Alexander Zdanovich.

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According to the FSB of Russia, it was Vovk who was the perpetrator of the terrorist attack in which Darya Dugina died. Her departure through the border crossing on the Estonian border was recorded.

“Without a preliminary study of escape routes, such operations are not carried out,” said Alexander Zdanovich to “MK”. – The terrorist did not just go there and ended up in Estonia. Clearly, before the start of this entire terrorist operation, escape routes were planned precisely through the Estonian border. I think that the Estonian special services were the perpetrators in the border area, and behind them, of course, our close “friends” from the British MI6 are clearly looming.

, most likely, they helped somehow.

As Zdanovich said, in the interwar period, in the 20-30s of the last century, before Soviet power was established in the Baltic states, virtually all the special services of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia were under the complete, total control of British intelligence.

< p>– They were located on their territory and did what they wanted. Moreover, they often did not inform the local police counterintelligence agencies and carried out their own operations. At that time, they illegally exported representatives of the White Guard organizations from the Soviet Union across the border of Finland and the Baltic states. In the 1950s, British intelligence worked very seriously in the Soviet Baltics. So the British have great traditions there.

– After the Second World War, as far as I know, the Americans secretly exported Nazi criminals, various traitors, collaborators from the Baltic republics. They took measures to illegally export the people they needed from the Baltic states.

In Soviet times, there was a fact when the traitor, resident intelligence officer Oleg Gordievsky was secretly taken out of Moscow, thrown across the Finnish border, and he now lives in London and writes books. He was our resident in London, became a traitor and they carried out an operation to evacuate him from Moscow, where he arrived. Unfortunately for us, luckily. Almost in the trunk of a car with diplomatic plates was taken out.

It was an illegal operation. Western special services worked out such operations and they had experience of illegal transfer from our country. But it was the Soviet Union, when there were no free zones with visa-free border crossings, as we have now with Belarus or Kazakhstan. There was a single Soviet Union, with a single border, tightly guarded. And then they carried out such operations.

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