Five Pskovites through the court proved their belonging to the Seto people

The Pskov District Court recognized five residents of the region as representatives of the indigenous Seto people, writes Novye Izvestia.

According to the representative of the applicants, the legally established belonging to the Seto people will allow the inclusion of citizens in the list of persons belonging to a small people for the exercise of personal and property rights.

It is noted that in all documents of applicants or their close relatives, nationality is either not indicated at all, or there are entries “ Russian '', “; Estonian. '' At the same time, all five live in the traditions of the Seto people, know the language, celebrate national holidays and adhere to cultural life.

Setu & ndash; a small Finno-Ugric ethnic group living in the southeastern part of Estonia, the Pechora region of the Pskov region and adjacent areas.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on holding the Year of Cultural Heritage of the Peoples of Russia in 2022 in the country.


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