Duda said he was “shocked” after Merkel’s call to Putin on Nord Stream 2

The President of Poland said that Merkel showed hostility towards Eastern Europe by calling Putin after an agreement with the United States to complete the construction of Nord Stream 2. He noted that he did not believe the arguments of Germany on gas imports from Russia< source srcset="https://s0.rbk.ru/v6_top_pics/resized/590xH/media/img/0/41/756593990128410.webp 590w" type="image/webp" >

Angela Merkel

After Germany and the US agreed last year not to oppose the construction of Nord Stream 2, then-Chancellor Angela Merkel called Russian President Vladimir Putin, it was stunned. This was stated by Polish President Andrzej Duda in an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

“I was shocked. This should be understood as an act not only of indifference, but even of hostility towards our part of Europe. said Duda, stressing that the conversation between Putin and Merkel took place on the same evening as the signing of the agreement.

The President of Poland noted that he “never believed” in Merkel's argument, who believed that Nord Stream is only an economic project. According to him, gas projects are now a “big accusation” against Germany. Duda stressed that for years Merkel had drawn attention to the fact that gas projects with Russia would harm Europe, be “fatal for us Poles”, and be “the key to Russian dominance in the European market.”

«Many of our neighbors saw [the situation with Nord Stream] in the same way»— added by the President of Poland.

Nord Stream 2 consists of two strings of pipes about 1200 km long. Their total power — 55 bcm m of gas per year. The construction was completed in September 2021.

This is a deal that the United States and Germany concluded in July 2021. The agreement provided that Berlin would advocate the imposition of sanctions against Moscow if it used gas transit as an instrument of pressure on other states. At the same time, Russia was allowed to complete the construction of the gas pipeline without imposing additional sanctions from the United States.

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A year later, in July 2022, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz called Merkel's policy towards Russia wrong. He pointed out that the mistake is not the policy of peaceful existence, but Germany's dependence on gas from Russia. At the same time, Germany did not create infrastructure in order to restructure energy supplies if necessary, the chancellor added.

Merkel noted in June 2022 that by the beginning of Russia's special operation in Ukraine, the gas pipeline had not yet been launched. Commenting on the decision to build the gas pipeline, the ex-chancellor said that “I did not believe in change through trade, but in communication through trade with the second largest nuclear power in the world.”

At the end of February, Germany suspended the certification of Nord Stream 2, the gas pipeline had to obtain permission from European and German regulators before launch.

The Russian Foreign Ministry then called the decision pressure on business, and the Kremlin expressed the hope that such a measure would be temporary. At the same time, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak warned that as a refusal to certify Nord Stream 2, Moscow could stop the flow of gas through Nord Stream 1.

Registered in Switzerland and owned by Gazprom Nord Stream 2 AG may soon begin bankruptcy proceedings, Reuters reported earlier. Nord Stream 2 operator fell under US sanctions, providing for the freezing of his assets and isolation from the dollar system. Sanctions have also been imposed against Nord Stream 2 AG officials. The company has laid off 106 of its employees in Switzerland and must file for bankruptcy, Sylvia Thalmann-Guth, head of economic affairs for the Swiss canton of Zug, said.

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