Dozens lay down outside the US embassy as part of an action against leaf mines

At the United States Embassy in the capital of the Russian Federation, an action is being held with reference to the anti-personnel mines “Petal”, which are used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine against the civilian population of the Donetsk People's Republic. Dozens of citizens decided to lie on the ground next to the stickers of the mines. 

Ukrainian military scatter “Petals” in Donetsk, Lisichansk, Makeevka and other settlements of the DPR. Moscow activists called for the Kiev government to be held accountable for this. They believe that the US authorities need to pay attention to civilians who become victims of the criminal actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Readovka Telegram channel reports.

Earlier it was reported that about a dozen images of anti-personnel min “Petal”. The images include text that says Ukraine continues to use Petals. against the civilian population.

Let us remind you that the mines «Petal» prohibited by the Ottawa Convention, which Ukraine ratified in 2005. The projectile is especially dangerous for the civilian population, because it is difficult to recognize it due to its unusual shape. In addition, the mine can work spontaneously when heated by the sun's rays.

Earlier it was reported that the Russian Federation sent UN Secretary General António Guterres data on the use of these explosive devices by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Relevant photos were attached to the appeal.

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