Do as you know. Almost 600 thousand graduates will be enrolled in universities on the budget

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Programmers, economists and lawyers — these are the most popular specialties chosen by applicants at universities in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In regions, medicine and pedagogy were also among the most in demand.

Environmentalists instead of lawyers

According to according to Head of the Ministry of Education and Science Valery Falkov, more 57% of the total number of applications accepted by universities in the admission campaign for  2022/2023 academic year, were submitted in the most priority areas for the state —— engineering, pedagogical, medical and agricultural.

The choice of applicants largely reflects the socio-political situation. In Moscow, MIREA — a digital university, where almost all specialties are in one way or another related to information technologies, and energy (MPEI) and financial universities.

Inside the well-known metropolitan universities, the preferences of future students have changed somewhat. “The top five in the most popular areas for the first time closed”Ecology and environmental management — last year was jurisprudence. Linguistics, medicine, advertising and public relations, dentistry, — told RUDN University Rector Oleg Yastrebov. Winners and prize-winners of Olympiads at RUDN University more often chose philology, dentistry, applied informatics, chemistry, and general medicine. There is also interest in  new directions: "Reconstruction and restoration of architectural heritage", "Innovation", "Nanotechnologies and "microsystem technology", "Economics of natural and "technogenic safety". The press service of the Russian State University for the Humanities noted that this year the scores of the applicants who came to them have increased slightly. Faculties of Oriental Studies and African Studies are traditionally in demand at the university. Most of all, those who want to enter the direction with the study of Chinese: 926 applications were submitted for 4 budget places. At "state and municipal administration" only two budget places, and those who want to study — 883 people. Interest in the medical profession continues. For example, 7495 applications were submitted to the Moscow Medical and Dental University for 606 budget places. Nearly a thousand more than last year.

The Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography (MIIGAiK) noted that if earlier the university received applications from 20–25 regions of the country, then this year           they all regions — thanks to the ability to remotely submit documents.            — said Rector of MIIGAiK Nadezhda Kamynina.    We associate such interest of applicants with obtaining the status of a flagship university in the rocket and space industry».

Olympians choose IT

In & nbsp; Petersburg, school graduates most often chose the Polytechnic University. “This year, the university received over 75,000 applications from applicants. One of the most popular directions was “Software Engineering” at the Institute of Computer Science and Technologies of SPbPU, there are also traditionally many applications for technical and socio-economic areas», — said the rector, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Andrey Rudskoy.

Outside the two capitals, the top three most demanded universities were headed by the Ural Federal University in Yekaterinburg. Since the Ministry of Education and Science has increased the number of budget places in regions, then this year even more children will be able to study for free — UrFU will accept 9,000 rubles for the budget people.

“Among the leaders in competition in socio-humanitarian sciences and economy — customs, personnel management, — said UrFU Rector Viktor Koksharov. — Among IT areas and engineering, natural sciences — these are information security, medical biochemistry and mechatronics, innovation, nanotechnology and automation».

The rector of the Don State Technical University, Besarion Meskhi, recalled the benefits for certain categories of applicants. “For citizens of the LPR, DPR and Ukraine who left these territories in in connection with the conduct of a special operation, quotas for training —  — said the head of the university. — In addition, 413 quotas have been allocated for the children of military personnel participating in the  special operation».

By the way, DSTU fully compensates at its own expense the payment for tuition for applicants who scored high USE scores, but&nbsp  not passed full-time studies due to the high competition, and also entering faculties where there are no state-funded places.

Talent or luck?

С 2021  high school graduates can apply to 5 different universities and choose up to 10 directions in each. After the completion of the acceptance of applications, there is a week to decide and submit consent for the chosen specialty (from 27 July to 3 August). Previously, it was given two days.

And in fact, this period turns out to be nervous. After the completion of the acceptance of applications, universities are required to publish ranked lists —  in descending order of points. And here it is much more difficult to evaluate your chances and determine where to carry the original certificate and consent to enrollment. After all, high scorers also apply to 5 universities. In   the same same top universities, the the the same same people can be on the top lines. In  some universities, admissions committees call applicants to orient and lure them to them. However, even having submitted consent to enrollment, you cannot be sure that you will do it. At the last moment, certificates can be brought by those who had higher scores, but did not pass to other universities. And you will be left with nothing.

The winners of the Olympiads this year could exercise their right to a privilege only in one university. So, with such a system, even an applicant with lower scores, with some luck, can end up in a stronger and more prestigious university. And in                   not a very fair system.

The most popular universities for admission in 2022 

In Moscow

  • MIREA Digital University
  • National Research University MPEI
  • Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation

In St. Petersburg

  • Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University Peter the Great
  • Saint Petersburg State University
  • Saint Petersburg State University of Telecommunications n. prof. Bonch-Bruevich

In other regions

  • Ural Federal University (Ekaterinburg)
  • Kazan ( Privolzhsky) Federal University
  • Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation (has branches in many regions of the country)

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