Deputy Fedorov told how Russia can exclude the Baltic countries from NATO


State Duma deputy Yevgeny Fedorov said in an interview with Sputnik Latvia that if Russia decides to withdraw recognition of Latvia's independence, Lithuania and Estonia, then NATO is likely to expel these countries from the North Atlantic alliance.

According to him, Russia's decision to withdraw recognition of independence will create conditions that will force NATO to return to the 1997 borders.

< p>“According to the sixth paragraph of the NATO Charter, disputed territories cannot enter the alliance. Therefore, as soon as the territories of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are recognized as disputed, this will become the basis for their exclusion from NATO,” Fedorov added.

Earlier, Fedorov said that in the future Russia may withdraw recognition of the independence of Ukraine, Latvia and Estonia. He submitted a draft law to the State Duma, which states that the decision “On Recognizing the Independence of the Republic of Lithuania” is illegal. It was adopted in violation of the requirements of several articles of the Constitution of the USSR and by an unconstitutional body.


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