DeJ Loaf – Bubbly Lyrics

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Hey London can you bring me a lighter real quick
That might be my tag for my producer shit
When I start makin’ beats (What’s the problem?)
Oh I’m goin’ in let me do the whole song

[Verse 1]
It’s my birthday, hey
It’s my birthday, hey
She gon’ get to twistin’ on the pole with her legs
Please don’t get it twisted, mmm this bitch about her bread
Try to give her Hennessy, she want a perc instead
These bitches love my energy, they want me in their bed
I’m the biggest Joker, I need a bitch like Harley Quinn
Ain’t fishin’ for no bitches, I’m like Nemo with one fin, yeah
If you thinkin’ with your dick, then we gon’ put it on your head
My brother in the other room, puttin’ a bitch to bed
I told this nigga he gotta stop fuckin’ on my face
He looked at me, he dropped the beat, he said “I got a plan”
Yeah, add them bitches up, okay, you do the math, hey
Let me do me, you do the other half, yeah
I done got to the point, where I ain’t gotta ask
What the fuck is your point? All my bitches bad (Nigga)
Order on Wednesdays, put it on my tab
Fuck a throwback Thursday, I ain’t goin’ out sad
On that one night only, then turned into a bag
The Nissan Altima it turned into a Jag’

Hmm, yeah
It’s my bitch, yeah
It’s my birthday, yeah
She just started, say it’s her first day, hey
Yeah, it’s her first day, oh woah

[Verse 2]
She get retarded, she get freaky
She’s so bossy, she ain’t easy
She ain’t with that, he or she say
She just wanna party, and go DJ
Yeah she know I’m ballin’
You ain’t in my league
I walk in, I’m unbothered, don’t you bother me
Watch how you talkin’ and approachin’ me
A nigga tried it and we left him with an injury
When I was on the East, they ain’t even notice me
I got my mink on but I take it off, roll up my sleeve (What’s up?)
Before I blew up, I passed out off some bubbly (Some bubbly)
I fell out in the White House, I felt like Hillary (I felt like Hillary)
Dead presidents, got me shiverin’ (What’s up?)
I’m beyond cold, because of my grandmother’s remedies
Young wild nigga, take you out your misery
Are you gon’ buss it open for my niggas who ain’t make it here?
I know you wanna go some places, baby I can take you there
I gotta a lot of acres, got a crib and it’s spacious there
I’ve been workin’ on myself, I haven’t mastered my patience yet
She be workin’ on herself, tryna build her own credit score
This is marble
We gon’ hustle on our tippy toes
She know it’s survival, she gon’ dance on her tippy toes
Candle light dinner, she leave a nigga with the bloody rose
Coked-out nigga, she gon’ leave him with a stuffy nose
Learned this shit from my grandma, she used to fuck with hoes
Learned this shit from my grandma, she used to fuck with stoves
Yeah, six years old, yeah, they thinkin’ I ain’t know
I’m at the [?] like “What up? What you need? What you want?”

Yeah, said
If I wasn’t rappin’ then I would be sellin’ clothes
My nigga said if he weren’t rappin’, nah, he’s still sellin’ bowls
Yeah-yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Niggas can’t fuck around
Bitches ass niggas, look I’m done with the song

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