Cynologist Grigory Manev: “Cheap food does not mean bad food”

Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. 36. It's just tough 07/09/2022

Professional cynologist, service dog instructor, host of the Planet of Dogs program and Chief Editor of Radio for Pet Lovers” Grigory Manevin an interview with, he told why there are fewer dog people than cat people, and how to wean a puppy from barking for no reason and to teach a toilet. And he explained what gaps in animal legislation exist in Russia, as well as how to feed and interact with a pet in order to experience the joy of communication.

There have always been more cats

Vladimir Polupanov, Grigory, it is well known that the pandemic and the introduced on this occasion, the lockdown became an additional incentive to get yourself some kind of animal that needs walks in the fresh air. The owner had a reason to legally go out on the street. Are any statistics on this score?

Grigory Manev: A few days ago, I spoke with colleagues who confirmed the figure — today in Russia about 40 million people keep pets. In 2019, this figure was approximately 36 million.

— Who is more in our country — dog people or cat people?

— About 70% — these are cat owners, about 28% — dog owners. All the rest keep either exotic animals or are owners, for example, horses, etc. d. Still, horses — these are “borderline” animals. They are not 100% agricultural. Some keep horses “for the soul” so that they can spend time together. There are always more cat owners. Cats live at home, they are not in sight. But    there were always more. Maybe because these animals are more convenient to keep.

— There is an opinion that cats are more independent of human than dogs. So Is it?

— The question is not quite correctly posed, because it initially assumes a certain opposition between a human and an animal. Everything is much more complex and subtle from the point of view of psychology and interspecies relations. Without  going into  details, then, of course, yes. On the other hand, there are some dog breeds that are independent. Very many hunting dogs live not  together, but "parallel to man". Man is interested in them just as as dogs are in he. There is such a parity. The same huskies hunt at a great distance from a person. And in wildlife can theoretically survive without us. This leaves its mark on their character.

— Are there absolutely hypoallergenic dogs?

— A poodle is considered to be absolutely hypoallergenic because it does shed.  some people are allergic to dogs, some — on cats. It is very rare to be allergic to cats and dogs at the same time. An allergy may not be to cat or dog hair, but to saliva. Therefore, on the same hairless dogs (Mexican, Peruvian, Chinese Crested) there may be allergic reactions. Each case must be analyzed separately. I have several acquaintances who have managed to overcome an allergic reaction on their animals. They started taking certain medications. And  then gradually reduced the dosage and, in the end, completely abandoned drugs. It happens that people have no allergic reaction directly to their animals. But as soon as they encounter others, the allergic reaction resumes again.

— What are the most popular dog breeds in our country today?

— In large cities, dogs of small breeds are in demand, which are convenient for people to keep in urban conditions. People get a dog most often because they want spiritual communication, outdoor activities, in which someone will accompany them, so there is a need for companion dogs. Pugs, Beagles, Spitz are popular in cities. Many of my acquaintances moved out of the city during the pandemic (I      me them myself). Those who live out of the city get larger dogs, the same shepherds, for example.

— Do what kind of dog do you have today?

— German Shepherd. I have been loyal to this particular breed for many years. Firstly, it is very easy to train, almost anyone can handle it, and then they are very loyal dogs. Secondly, I have children's associations with the German Shepherd, I am mentally attached to this breed.

Strictness should be in moderation

— Do animal psychologists really help?

— When a person introduces himself as a zoopsychologist, I ask the question: “And what did you finish?” As a rule, a person cannot clearly answer this question. There are no official educational institutions in our country that would train animal psychologists. It's a fashion gimmick that people try to play for the sake of business. Animal psychologists are not helpers for dogs. There are people who are engaged in training — that is, teaching other people how to handle animals. In order to communicate directly with a dog, you must be its owner. The dog in this regard is secondary, the owner who needs to be trained is in the foreground.

— Can can spoil a dog with love?

— Strictness should be in moderation. Still, love must come first. If a person does not  love a dog or any other living creature, then he will not be able to find a common language with his pet.

—  Are there any innovations in legislation about pets?

— We have practically no government regulation regarding people and pets. The issue of accounting for pets by chipping is now widely discussed. I think this is the right idea. Those laws that now exist in our country do not provide a 100% guarantee of full-scale liability. Therefore, first of all, you need to find out how many pet owners we have. And start from this. Now, under our law, oddly enough, I can prove that this dog belongs to me. But you far from always s can shall prove from the point of view of jurisprudence that my dog ​​belongs to me. This is how casuistry turns out. Therefore, the state must have a data bank, information about who belongs to whom and under what conditions.

We have a federal responsible animal   — he is, one might say, “for” everything good, against everything bad. There are excellent amendments to the  article of the Constitution. There is Article 245 of the Criminal Code, which provides for criminal liability for cruelty to animals. None of this works because there is no specifics. The state should regulate this area. Still, 40 million citizens — this is a fairly significant part of the population of the country. I always proceed from the fact that you must always live according to the law. If there is a law, then everyone must follow it. Everyone must be equal before the law.

— Due to sanctions have life become more difficult for dog owners? Feeds have become expensive, and some have probably disappeared altogether.

— Food has risen in price. Some feed manufacturers have left our market. But the vast majority of brands remain. There are interruptions in imported vaccines. But there are domestic counterparts. Therefore, there are no horrific consequences. New domestic brands producing feed have appeared. And it's great.

Another thing is that we now, unfortunately can can communicate with other countries on the line of cats, and on the line of dogs. Representatives of our country cannot perform at international exhibitions, sports competitions. This is depressing. Since isolation does not benefit our cynology and felinology.

— Recently, an Internet radio station about animals Radio < strong>pets. Are you related to her?

— We with like-minded people decided to make an Internet project and called it "Radio for Pet Lovers". Until now, we did not have a specialized radio station, a global platform that would unite all pet owners. And we decided to fill this gap. I now serve as the editor-in-chief there. We want to make it not only a radio station, but in the future a kind of platform that will unite people who are not indifferent to pets.

Tips from Manev

— How to feed a dog so that everything is balanced and not expensive?

— In in any case, it must be industrial feed. Because they take into account the needs of animals. You need to choose a diet and not get lost in the abundance of brands that are now on the market. The easiest way is to contact a veterinarian so that he, based on the characteristics of the breed, of this particular animal, advises the diet. If some diet is more expensive, it does not mean that it is better. Conversely, if it is relatively cheap, it does mean that it is bad.

— How to potty train a puppy?

< p>— It's very simple. You need to take him outside as often as possible. So that he understands that everything needs to be done there. As soon as the puppy woke up, you need to immediately run with him to the street. His cardiovascular system begins to work, which affects the peristalsis. During this period, the dog empties the bladder and intestines. If the puppy has played out at home, runs, runs — you must understand that he after that will go to toilet. And it needs to be taken out street as soon as possible. Moments like this need to be captured. It must be clearly understood that, just like small children, up to a certain age, dogs are not able to control their urination. They can control him in five or six months, then the puppy can already endure. We must remember this. Because it takes terrifying forms when a puppy is a large breed. I didn have a dog for several years. And when I acquired a puppy again, I forgot all the delights of such a tender age. And at at some point, I began to be amazed: “How can all this come out of one dog?” (laughs).

— How to wean a puppy from chewing everything?

— First of all, you need to deal with him, play, walk so much that he gets tired on a walk. Dogs must have toys. When a person leaves, he/nbsp;should leave them to the puppy. And when he returns home, hide. The most important — to explain to the pet with the help of the game and training what is good and what is bad. Often people make the mistake — they always want the dog to wean something, to take something away. And if you say "give", you must say "on". Puppy — it is, in fact, a small child. You need to learn how to interact with him, he needs to explain simple things. And showing what you want to achieve from thereby showing what you don't want the puppy to do. The easiest advice: got a puppy — at four months, go to a specialist at a training ground.

— How to train a dog not to bark at home at the slightest noise?

— On the one hand, when a dog barks, it rights by its own logic. All her ancestors for many centuries reacted in exactly the same way. One of the main uses of a dog — this is security. Small dog, big — no matter. Someone was a serious guard, someone served as "bell". Remember that the freedom of one person ends where the freedom of another begins. And if a neighbor got a dog, it doesn means that you should suffer from it. The owner must understand that if he does not have the appropriate knowledge, he must contact a specialist. And then the dog in the house will not apple of contention between family members, neighbors, but a unifying unit.

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