Canadian minister argued with Kyiv on gas transit through Ukraine

Gas transit to Europe through Ukraine cannot be an alternative to Nord Stream, said

Canadian Minister of Natural Resources Jonathan Wilkinson, quoted by Bloomberg.

Wilkinson, speaking to Parliament, defended the decision to return the Russian turbine for Nord Stream. He did not agree with the arguments of Ukraine, which opposed the return of the engine, about the availability of alternative supply options. According to the minister, Canada did not begin to rely on transit through Ukraine as a replacement for Nord Stream; due to lack of bandwidth. He said that he reviewed Ukraine's proposal with technical experts from the International Energy Agency and discussed it with EU and German officials. They concluded that supplies through Ukraine would be “significantly less” than those that could go through Nord Stream; at full power, Wilkinson noted.

He also pointed to the risks associated with military action and the fact that Russia could reduce the flow through Ukrainian territory as well.

Ukrainian Ambassador to Canada Yulia Kovaliv, speaking there, in turn, rejected Wilkinson's arguments. “It's not true that Ukraine cannot replace gas supplies to Germany,” — Kovaliv said, noting that now more gas is pumped through her country than through Nord Stream.

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