Bulgaria, following Poland, announced a halt in gas supplies from Russia

Bulgargaz received a corresponding notification from Gazprom. At the end of April, a number of consumers of Russian gas have a day to pay for deliveries. Russia insists that payment be made according to the new scheme, in rubles =”Bulgaria, following Poland, announced a halt in gas supplies from Russia” />

The Ministry of Energy of Bulgaria reported that Gazprom Export notified the Bulgarian partner— company “Bulgargaz”— about stopping gas supplies from April 27, the ministry said in a statement.

“The Bulgarian side has fully fulfilled its obligations and made all payments required under this agreement, in a timely manner, strictly and in accordance with its clauses,” ; emphasized in the ministry.

They also reported that they had analyzed the situation together with Bulgargaz. and the Bulgarian Energy Holding. As a result, they came to the conclusion that the new procedure for paying for gas supplies proposed by Russia “does not comply with the contract valid until the end of this year and creates significant risks for Bulgaria.”

Mienergo Together with energy companies, they took steps to develop alternative mechanisms for gas supplies, the ministry said. Restrictive measures for gas consumption in Bulgaria are not required.

RBC sent a request to a representative of Gazprom.

Previously, about the same notification of “Gazprom” reported the Polish PGNiG. The message spoke about the complete suspension of supplies under the Yamal contract.

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On March 23, President Vladimir Putin instructed to transfer payments from unfriendly countries for gas into rubles. The scheme began to work from 1 April. At the same time, presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov ruled out the possibility that Russian gas consumers would be denied supplies from that day on. “Payment for the actual deliveries that are going on now should not be made today. And it should be carried out somewhere at the end, in the second half of the month, April, or even at the beginning of May, — he explained.

However, many countries refused to pay for gas in rubles, considering it a violation of the terms of contracts, which in most cases require payment in dollars or euros.

Bulgaria also refused to pay for gas in rubles. On March 19, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Asen Vasilev announced that Bulgaria would not discuss supplies with Gazprom, but would look for alternative ways to receive gas, including from Qatar and Algeria.

" Bulgaria will have to [buy gas] for rubles, whether it likes it or not, whether it likes it or not,” — Peskov said after that.

On March 30, the representative of the Bulgarian government, Lena Borislava, finally stated that Sofia would not pay for gas in rubles and stressed that this would be a violation of previously concluded agreements. According to her, Bulgaria will be able to receive gas from other sources, in particular, negotiations are underway with Turkey.

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