Bloomberg learned about the order to state institutions of China to replace foreign PCs

The Chinese central state institutions were given two years to switch from foreign-made computer equipment to local counterparts. Subsequently, the requirement will be extended to regional departments

The Chinese authorities have ordered central government agencies and state-owned corporations to replace foreign-brand computers with domestic counterparts within two years, Bloomberg sources said. system. In total, we can talk about at least 50 million devices, the interlocutors of the agency noted. Subsequently, the authorities intend to extend the requirement to regional state institutions.

According to Bloomberg, the decision advances China's decade-long campaign to replace imported technology in an attempt to reduce the country's dependence on “geopolitical rivals like the US.” The new requirement is expected to directly impact sales of HP and Dell Technologies, the country's largest PC brands after Lenovo Group, the authors of the article noted. HP and Dell Technologies— American corporations, and Lenovo Group— Chinese.

China's desire to replace imported technology has intensified after the US imposed sanctions on Huawei, writes Bloomberg. In 2019, a Chinese company was suspected of industrial espionage, and as a result, American companies were forbidden to cooperate with it. Last year, US President Joe Biden also prohibited Huawei from issuing licenses to use its network equipment in the country.

In addition, sources told the Guardian that China is preparing for the possible imposition of new US sanctions. According to the publication, since the end of February— At the beginning of March, the country is testing the stability of the economy in case of restrictions. This stress test was launched after Western countries began to impose anti-Russian sanctions in connection with the events in Ukraine. The US authorities have repeatedly admitted that if China supports Russia, they will impose restrictions against it as well.

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