Armored vehicles taken to the streets in Sri Lanka after clashes with the opposition

The authorities of Sri Lanka brought to the streets of the capital, the city of Colombo, military equipment and army forces, writes TheAssociated Press (AP). This happened after clashes between government supporters and opposition protesters took place in the country.

On the evening of May 9, a curfew was introduced in the country due to increased cases of vandalism and looting. According to AP, the military received an order to open fire on violators. Despite this, some protesters again gathered in front of the president's office to continue the demonstrations that began more than three weeks ago.

The protests in the country are connected with the protracted economic crisis in the country, coupled with a shortage of goods. Prime Minister Mahindu Rajapaksa, amid protests, resigned earlier this week. He was evacuated from his residence in a military helicopter, according to the AP, the military is sheltering him at a naval base.

At least eight people have already died in clashes, more than 200 have been injured.

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Amid mass protests and riots, the Foreign Ministry recommended that Russian tourists in Sri Lanka not leave their hotels. Russian tourists are strongly advised not to leave their places of residence until the curfew is lifted. Travel to the airport is possible with a passport and an air ticket, which must be presented at the request of the police at checkpoints, — the agency said in a statement.

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