Armenian military knocked out the newest Russian-made armored personnel carrier

The parties to the conflict in Transcaucasia consider losses and trophies

Azerbaijan and Armenia agreed to cease hostilities and began negotiations on the exchange of prisoners. True, on the night of November 18, in some places on the line of contact, as they write in social networks, there was shooting. The conflict that broke out on Tuesday, November 16, was settled thanks to the efforts of Russia and a number of international organizations. Both sides accuse each other of using a wide range of weapons and causing heavy damage to civilian infrastructure. The web counts the amount of military equipment lost by both sides during the conflict.

Photo: Still from video

Officials named the number of soldiers killed and taken prisoner during the day of the armed conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. According to the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan, during the fighting, seven servicemen were killed and another ten were injured. Armenian sources estimate the enemy's losses to be much higher: up to 70 dead and wounded. At the same time, & nbsp; in Yerevan announced one dead soldier and 13 captured. The fate of another 26 soldiers remains unknown, but, most likely, they were also captured.

A large number of videos made during the battles appeared on the Internet. In one of the videos, Azerbaijani soldiers take prisoners of the Armenian military using sticks and homemade batons. The circumstances and location were not disclosed. Photos of Armenian prisoners taken in different sectors of the front are also published on the Web. The trophies of the Azerbaijani army were one enemy mortar and one Ural truck.

The Armenian side reports that the enemy lost 4 armored personnel carriers, one SandCat armored vehicle and up to five vehicles. & Nbsp;

Photos of the two destroyed armored vehicles were taken by the Azerbaijani military. We are talking about Russian-made armored vehicles BTR-82A. Presumably, the armored vehicles were involved in breaking through the defense of the Armenian troops, but came under artillery fire.

Earlier, the Armenian Ministry of Defense published a video showing the destruction of two armored vehicles of the Azerbaijani army. Satellite linking of frames showed that exactly two armored vehicles & nbsp; Russian production got on the video. Cars of this model were supplied to the Azerbaijani side under a contract signed in 2014. Unlike earlier models, the BTR-82 is equipped with an automatic 30-mm cannon and a number of modern units.

Armenian sources also reported the destruction of an enemy mobile radar station (radar) and even published a photograph of it. However, experts were able to establish that the footage was taken during the hostilities in October 2020. Part of the 'losses' The Azerbaijani army was also recognized as fabricated.

The result of the hostilities was the seizure of several enemy fortified areas and a number of heights in the border zone by the Azerbaijani side. Armenian media say that, despite the reached agreement on an armistice, this section can be used by the Azerbaijani troops in the future as a springboard for the development of a new offensive.


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