Analysts have named the amount of damage from protests in Kazakhstan


National Chamber of Entrepreneurs” Atameken ” told about the increase in the amount of damage from protests in Kazakhstan. According to analysts, by the morning of Tuesday, January 11, it had risen to $ 220 million. RIA Novosti informs about this.

The organization clarified that by Monday morning the amount of damage reached $ 215 million, which indicates that business entities suffered $ 5 million during the day.

< p> According to analysts, 1528 affected business entities and 1709 objects were found in nine regions of the republic. Most of them are in Alma-Ata & mdash; 1408 entities and 1578 objects.

The most affected enterprises were trade (1448), financial sector (37), catering (32), logistics (9) and two media outlets.

Previously portal Top10VPN named the amount of damage to the economy of Kazakhstan in connection with the disconnection of the Internet. Experts believe that the country's economy has lost $ 189 million.


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