After dreams. Nastya Lazgiyan needs 580,000 for a diaphragm stimulator

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Need help In order for Nastya Lazgiyan (22 years old, Yeysk) to breathe, we need antennas for a diaphragm stimulator for 580 thousand.  When we are together, everyone breathes easier. And to our wards with cystic fibrosis, for for whom the foundation not only purchases medicines and equipment, but opened an entire school. Our ward Misha Vasin, who after the injury lived on a ventilator, and now does without a device for up to 13 hours a day and is going to rehabilitation. Now it is important for us to stay together, because only in this way will the young girl Nastya be able to fall asleep and wake up without fear of night suffocation.


To change her life, Diana Lazgiyan even changed her name. Now she is Nastya. It's just too little. A girl's life depends on a device that makes her breathe. And it needs antennas. Every six months – new. Nastya has been living on old antennas for a year now. And every day of her new life could be her last.

The fact that the head of the Lazgian family breeds pigeons was known to the whole district. Everything – like in a good old movie: leaving the family, he left the birds for his youngest daughter: “Feed, don't forget!” From pigeons, Nastya caught an infection. She went down into the lungs, gave complications – and & nbsp; the girl forgot how to breathe in her sleep.

« The eyes are wide open, and the pupils are huge, black. Next – as if not with me. Artificial respiration began to do and cardiac massage. Like they show in the movies.  liquid gushed out of her mouth, and Nastya breathed in air with wheezing».

At first, the emergency room doctors didn't believe me. “How did she die, and you saved her? Without a husband, you say, do you live? So it's a dysfunctional family. She apparently laid her hands on yourself. The daughter was dying and resurrected in the eyes of Lena, and then the doctors a few more times – on the way to the hospital and while she was examined. When I came to & nbsp; myself, I did not remember anything. She just stared in surprise at the blue hands, pinched with hematoma by her mother.

In the Yeysk hospital, Nastya was pumped out of the pus from the lungs and, with suspicion of epilepsy, was transferred to Krasnodar. By that time, she was so weak that she forgot how to walk, and her mother and older sister got a wheelchair. And they also didn't let Nastya sleep, because it was in her sleep that she stopped breathing.

Ondine's Curse Syndrome (stopping breathing in sleep) & nbsp; & ndash; the pathology is rare, occurs mainly in newborns. And Nastya was then 16 years old. She just entered to study at the fish and industrial college as an accountant. And the local therapist, to whom the girl turned with complaints of chest wheezing and weakness, sternly reprimanded: «You just don’t want to study, every month you come to us».

About the fact that her daughter is not the only one in the world, Lena found out when she met a family from Krasnodar. Their child with the exact same diagnosis was helped with a diaphragm stimulator. So Lenaon hands was the address of the hospital, someone else's ventilator (it was borrowed to fly to Moscow and not die) and a bill for 8 million rubles. for this magical stimulant. The money was raised with the help of the foundation and kind people. Nastya underwent an operation, but the breathing stops did not stop.

“But with a stimulant, in order to prevent Nastya from falling into a coma, we don’t need an intensive care team. I can stir it up myself, – Lena says. She closed her shoe store in the market and sits with daughter at home, guarding her life at at nights. When the lights go out in Lazgyan's house, Nastya begins to suffocate. Therefore, for the last 6 years, she sleeps for 4 hours a day, longer – scary. Every evening she turns on the stimulator, puts on a sipap mask (a device that helps to breathe instead of a ventilator) and a pulse oximeter with an audible alarm.

In order to understand what are the causes of respiratory arrest, the girl needs to be examined again in Moscow. But how to fly to the capital if you don’t connect the sipap on the plane (there is no generator), the family doesn’t have their own ventilator either, and even the stimulator is about to stop functioning? The point is that it works and doesn't let Nastya die thanks to antennas that need to be changed every six months. But in the Krasnodar Territory, OMI is not issued to their family (Elena and Putinwrote, and & nbsp; in the Ministry of Health, all thresholds were full & nbsp; & ndash; useless).


For a whole year, Nastya has been living on old antennas. Their signal weakens, returning her to the other side of dreams, from where it is impossible to get out without resuscitation. And where                   And      and    and  and    of hernbsp;can be powerless of her mother's nightly prayers. Let's help her stay with her mom. Don't let the signal stop.

Expert opinion

Gennady Prokopyev, Head of the Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Service, Voino-Yasenetsky Research and Production Center:

– Anastasia has acquired central hypoventilation syndrome. In 2018, she underwent surgery to install a phrenic nerve stimulator. The device consists of an implantable part and external antennas, which wear out quickly and require replacement. Unfortunately, in the region in which Nastya lives, these antennas are not included in the  regional list of TCP, and the girl cannot get them for free.

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