About the accomplices of the killer Daria Dugina told the ex-special forces of “Alpha”

“These people made an explosive device and brought it”

On August 23, a farewell ceremony was held in Moscow for journalist and political scientist Daria Dugina, who died in the Moscow region as a result of a terrorist attack. Ukrainian woman Natalia Vovk is suspected of the murder. According to the FSB of Russia, she and her daughter arrived in Moscow on July 23, and after the terrorist attack left for Estonia. MK asked Sergey Goncharov, Honorary President of the International Association of Veterans of Anti-Terror Special Forces Alfa, to describe the operation carried out by the Ukrainian special services.

Natalia Vovk (Shaban)

– One person could not carry out this act of terrorism. According to the information that we all have from our special services, it is clear that this is a well-thought-out terrorist special operation, and it was prepared by a team that was in Moscow.

Firstly, these are the people who made the explosive device and brought it. Secondly, these are those who found rented housing and settled this woman with her daughter in the house where Daria Dugina lived. That is, there was complete information about the location of the victim, her movement.

And, thirdly, someone installed an explosive device, tracked and recorded what was happening, and, finally, who pressed the timer, telephone or radio transmitter, which led explosive device into action.

All this suggests that this is a terrorist operation, behind which are the special services of Ukraine.

– The child was used as a cover. I can only explain one thing: a woman with a child who is constantly in contact with him causes little suspicion among others. Apparently, this was the factor that she could follow Dugina for so long without arousing any particular suspicion. This is confirmed by the fact that she then calmly left the territory of Russia, and no one paid special attention to this. This is the problem that our special services are now covering, which have carried out their investigative actions.

No matter how cynical it sounds, but this is a completely common situation for the practice of special services, when, under the guise of a child, they pretend that they have nothing to do with the person does not have any terrorist activity.

The murderer of Darya Dugina Natalya Vovk: footage of the family of a Ukrainian terrorist

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– I do not agree that this terrorist attack is the highest thought-out operation that was prepared Americans, British, French and all NATO countries. This is absolutely not true. In the 90s, bandits in our country did such actions three or four times a day, if you remember: explosions in a car.

This is an operation that was prepared and stupidly carried out by the special services of Ukraine. I would not say that some other special services are involved in this.

But the fact that the terrorist left for Estonia, this may indicate a preliminary agreement between Kyiv and the special services of this country. Because these Baltic mongrels will do anything to annoy Russia. I do not rule it out: Kyiv and Tallinn agreed that this criminal-murderer, after she commits a terrorist attack, will leave the territory of our country precisely across the border with Estonia, and there will be no questions for her there. I can agree with this.

– It is possible to reveal this if there is a desire for it. I just drive a car myself and pay attention to the fact that cars with Ukrainian numbers drive in Moscow. I specifically asked the driver to drive behind such a car and see if it would be stopped at least at one traffic police post. So no one stopped this car.

Yes, we Russian people are kind. Well, if a car from Ukraine drives, let it drive. But I assure you: if a car with Russian numbers appears in Kyiv, I just don’t want to say what will be done with it.

That is, this is not a problem for the special services, this is a problem for those who serve on the roads, and at least some part of the brain must understand what is required of it.

Alexander Dugin at parting with Daria: mournful shots

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– As for filtering, I can tell you what I personally observed at the post in the DPR. A serviceman with a machine gun is standing there and looking through all the cars. A young man stands by one car, opens the trunk. Our warrior looked and said: that's it, drive through.

Today in Russia, according to official data, we have from two to three million people who have left Ukraine, and not only from the territory of the DPR and LPR. And to think that among them there is not a single SBU agent who came to us with explosive devices or weapons is, at least, naive.

We have a lot of people working in Moscow and other cities who came from Ukraine people with Ukrainian passports. If I am assured that they are all exclusively pro-Russian, I will never believe it. I am against total distrust, but, probably, those who should pay attention to such aspects.

– Not a single NATO country she visits will extradite this criminal to us.

And if we try to act like the Israeli special services – “search and destroy”, then we will again get so drunk from the so-called liberal West that it will not seem enough.

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